Monday, February 6, 2023

Telli Health Announces Verizon Certification, Becomes 1st Medical IoT Device Company to Operate on Their Cellular Network

All Telli Health Devices Can Now Use Verizon Cellular Network, Further Boosting Reliability, Accessibility, and Ease of Use for Patients Everywhere

Telli Health today announced that it has been certified by Verizon, allowing all of its devices to operate on Verizon, America’s largest and most reliable cellular network. With Verizon’s vast cellular footprint, patients can take a reading from anywhere and know it will be sent instantly to their provider. Telli Health’s connected care devices are the first and only Verizon-certified devices in the United States.

The remote patient monitoring (RPM) industry has long suffered from deficient reliability in transmitting patient readings, as well as the ability to take readings from anywhere. Being Verizon certified will improve this, and for healthcare providers and RPM companies, this means increased patient adherence—a primary goal for both.

Telli Health’s devices use SIM technology that connects to all major cellular carriers in the United States, including AT&T and T-Mobile/Sprint, in addition to Verizon. Globally, coverage includes over 650 cellular carriers in 191 countries.

Jeff Bartzen, Sales Executive at Telli Health, commented, “Our competitors typically use Bluetooth and antiquated third-party technology for their remote care medical devices. This presents problems ranging from connectivity issues to requiring cell phones and difficult pairing for an aging population. Our competitors are only now starting to use cellular-connected devices—which is easier and the way of the future—but they only work on either AT&T or T-Mobile. I am very pleased that we have partnered with Verizon to deliver value-based in-home healthcare to more people than ever before, securing Telli Health as the premier destination for reliable, accurate, accessible, and easy-to-use connected care medical devices. Physicians can trust 4G cellular technology as a tremendous improvement over current devices plagued by connectivity issues and unreliability.”

According to a Telli Health case study with one of the industry’s leading RPM providers, from 2018 through 2020, options for cellular-connection blood pressure and blood glucose devices were very limited despite demand. From high rates of data transmission failures to issues related to accuracy and ease of use, the devices in the marketplace were not up to industry standards. Telli Health entered in 2021, offering 4G cellular-enabled devices that directly addressed these specific issues. Telli Health blood pressure monitors and blood glucose meters consistently delivered accurate and reliable readings. The RPM company reported on average a 10 mmHg reduction in both systolic and diastolic blood pressures, with some patients seeing as much as 30 mmHg reductions. Also observed were increased patient satisfaction, a 50% reduction in patient churn due to accuracy, consistency, and reliability of data transmission using Telli Health devices, and an overall 30% improvement in daily compliance and successful transmissions in which providers received substantially more patient readings. Now being Verizon certified, Telli Health looks forward to expanding these successes with the world’s first touchless 4G Thermometer, 4G Weight Scale (December 2021), and the world’s first 4G Pulse Oximeter (December 2021).

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