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Texas Medical Center Supply is Now Texas Medical Technology: Company to Offer a Broader Range of Products and Services In 2021

December 18, 2020

Texas Medical Center Supply is now Texas Medical Technology. The news was announced today. The announcement comes as a result of the company’s alignment with a broader range of services and products made available since the beginning of the year, including the SaniGate disinfection unit and the GermRover, a wheeled robot performing large-scale sterilization protocols for institutions battling COVID-19.

Texas Medical Technology was originally established as a provider and distributor of medical equipment. Yet as the COVID-19 pandemic has continued, the company seized the opportunity to empower institutions, including non-medical, to self-manage employee safety. From monitoring employees to maintaining medical supplies and sanitizers, adherence to safety guidelines has become an increasingly straining task for business owners protecting the wellbeing of their employees, particularly under the dark cloud of a pandemic that continues to cripple their ability to operate. Nevertheless, COVID-19 has magnified our focus on achieving safety in the workplace, and Texas Medical Technology marks its updated focus with a name that represents its all-encompassing direction.

Texas Medical Technology currently provides businesses with a vast array of savvy safety products, including:

  • SafeVend machine- Provides both professionals and consumers with protective surgical kits, masks, and sanitizers in a coordinated manner. Whether for isolation reasons, traveling, or performing surgery, streamlining of safety concerns is also achieved through Texas Medical’s all-inclusive protective kits. Products such as these provide businesses and other organizations with much sought-after organizational confidence through a multi-layered approach.
  • SaniScreen– An automated hand sanitizer that utilizes stock data, temperature sensors, and a customized display feature to streamline the daily process. An integrated dashboard enables real-time monitoring and quick, informed action, allowing workspaces to re-allocate their focus on more pressing tasks.
  • SaniDrone– A drone that safely maneuvers operational challenges in the construction process of large structures, including sports stadiums. The drone applies advanced formula sanitizer that forms an anti-microbial barrier, effective in reducing bacteria that can adversely affect structural integrity.
  • GermRover– A wheeled robot that utilizes high-power ultraviolet lamps and spatial sensors to apply effective sterilization in larger spaces of operation, such as shopping malls, schools, and airports.
  • SaniGate- A mobile thermometry disinfection unit, with smart-temperature measurement tools, which can be utilized in, for example, hospitals, schools, construction sites and hotels.

“The demand for sanitization and wearing personal protective gear has risen exponentially, and we were positioned perfectly to play a major part,” says Omri Shafran, Founder & CEO of Texas Medical Technology. “As we’ve now become a leading source of PPE and hi-tech sanitation solutions, we sought a name that resonates with our new-found direction, and we’ve certainly found it.”

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