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Thursday, June 8, 2023



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The Benefits of Online Therapy

Online therapy became increasingly popular from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with in-person therapist offices closed and a number of people requiring extra support to make it through a challenging period.

Despite its growth in recent years, many people are still not convinced that online therapy can be of any value to them, especially compared to in-person sessions with a therapist they trust. While you can undoubtedly benefit from those in-person sessions, you might also see the value in online therapy for some of the following reasons:

Some Insurance Providers Offer Coverage

In past years, insurance providers didn’t offer online therapy insurance coverage because it was rare for therapists and mental health service providers to provide such a service. However, its popularity has led many insurance providers to incorporate it into their insurance plans. Whether you plan to take advantage of a combination of in-person and online therapy sessions or online therapy on its own, you might be pleasantly surprised by your coverage options.

No Travel

Trying to make it to an in-person therapy session can be challenging, especially when you encounter traffic and struggle to find a parking spot once you reach your destination. People without access to a car or public transportation can find it even harder. However, online therapy eradicates that problem altogether. Rather than enduring the stress of a commute, you can find a comfortable area in your home and tune in online.


Despite being alone with your therapist during a session, it’s hard not to feel vulnerable and even judged as you enter a therapist’s office. You might see people you know in the area or feel like all eyes are on you. When you’re already experiencing depression and stress or have other mental health challenges, it’s another layer of anxiety you likely prefer to avoid.

Privacy is generally not a concern with teletherapy sessions. While you do need to find a quiet part of your home where you won’t be disturbed, you can enjoy a confidential session from start to finish.


Many therapists offering in-person sessions have limited availability. This, coupled with the challenges associated with finding childcare and taking time off work, can make it difficult to find time for a 50-minute therapy session. Online therapy sessions are typically more flexible, with broader availability. Most online service providers have daytime and nighttime appointments to suit your schedule.


Not everyone is in the fortunate position of living somewhere with abundant healthcare services. Some people can live in such a remote location that even primary healthcare is many miles away from their homes.

Being in an isolated community shouldn’t hinder accessing the mental health services you need. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you’ll be able to meet online with licensed and qualified therapists who can assist with all manner of life challenges.


While not accurate in all situations, many people find teletherapy much more affordable than in-person sessions. Not only do you not have to cover transportation and parking costs to get to an in-person session, but some online providers also offer reduced rates. If you have insurance and your provider covers teletherapy, you might also pay even less than you initially thought.

Fewer Cancellations

Having to cancel your therapy appointment can be frustrating, but it’s often unavoidable for a number of reasons, like illness or vehicle mechanical issues. While you might still need to cancel or reschedule online appointments, it’s generally less likely to happen when your sessions take place in the comfort of your home.

Broader Range of Experts

You might have access to therapists in your town or city, but that doesn’t mean they provide the right type of services for your needs. Before online services were available, people looking for a specific therapy type might have had to travel out of town to get it.

Teletherapy has been a game changer in this respect. When you opt for online therapy, you can find a therapist who provides the specialized treatment you require, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and psychotherapy, no matter their location in your state.

While you might get everything you need from in-person therapy sessions, there’s no harm in exploring teletherapy as a complementary service. You might be surprised by how convenient, flexible, and affordable it can be.


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