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The Hip Hook: Releases Unresolved Pain by Simply Laying on It

The Hip Hook: After decades of practice as a physical therapist, Christine Koth saw a pattern emerge.

Nearly everyone had a tight iliacus muscle and next to no one was aware of it. In her practice, this pattern of tightness soon became a predictable root cause of pain in the lower back, hip, tailbone, knee, and foot.

After countless successes releasing the iliacus with her hands and no effective tools on the market for people to release it themselves, Christine was compelled to create the Hip Hook, the only tool that can replicate the iliacus muscle release that only a skilled practitioner could previously provide. By simply lying upon the Hip Hook for 2 minutes per day, tension in this muscle dissolves for good.

“A tight iliacus is a missing link in recovery from back, tailbone, hip, and knee pain since it affects the alignment of the entire body. Get Hip Hooked and experience the ‘hurts so good’ release of the muscle that you didn’t know was tight.” – Christine Koth, Inventor

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Christine Koth, MPT is a physical therapist who has specialized in the hip area for decades and has been aptly named the “Iliacus Queen.” She recently put the iliacus muscle on the map in her best-selling book, Tight Hip, Twisted Core – The Key to Unresolved Pain, where she uncovers the 3 major causes of a tight iliacus:

  • Too much sitting or driving
  • Overuse with activities like running, cycling, and kicking
  • Hyperflexibility, yoga, and dance

When tension in the iliacus remains unchecked, it compresses the hip and twists the core, changing the mechanics of the pelvis, spine, and hip in a way that can contribute to pain all over the body. For many, the Hip Hook is the missing link to enjoying a pain-free life. With over $30,000 sold on the first day of pre-sale, the Hip Hook is making its mark in the wellness scene. More on this here.

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