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The Importance of Temperature Monitoring and Accuracy During Cold and Flu Season | by Dr. Audrey Sue Cruz

During the winter months, many families experience health complications brought on by cold and flu season. Health professionals are continuing to see increases in doctor visits and emergency room visits. In the last few weeks, the CDC reports 25 states as of February 9, 2024, continue to report high or very high flu activity. What consumers and health professionals may not realize is the critical importance of utilizing proper temperature monitoring tools, to stay informed about their health, and also to evaluate the severity of illness, helping to determine if medical attention is needed.

Exergen, a leading manufacturer of thermometers and maker of the most accurate thermometer on the market, provides both consumer-grade and professional grade thermometers that scan the temporal artery, which is considered the best determinant of body temperature. Utilizing advanced infrared technology, these thermometers provide quick and consistently accurate measurements.

Exergen created ten different patented technologies tested in more than 70 medical trials as part of the temporal artery thermometer. During the rise of the pandemic, the medical device market became oversaturated with devices from non-credible and unknown manufacturers. While non-contact infrared thermometers became increasingly popular during the pandemic, they are far less reliable than a temporal artery thermometer, with the FDA recently citing potential limitations of NCITs due to potentially inaccurate readings.

Like the pandemic, cold and flu season is a period when health metrics are of upmost importance. While non-contact options may seem convenient, they can lead to false readings and inaccurate results that could lead to dangerous health outcomes. As the medical device industry moves past the pandemic and consumers become more in tune with their health than ever before, professionals and consumers alike must be cognizant of the products that have a proven track record of success and come from credible manufacturers. Exergen thermometers are built with industry-leading accuracy that provides peace of mind.

The 98.6 degrees standard is not a “one size fits all” metric. According to a 2020 Stanford University School of Medicine study, the average body temperature may have fallen over the years. Body temperature is a key vital sign in determining the need for medical attention and severity of illness. With the current stress on healthcare workers and healthcare facilities, accurate temperature monitoring is an essential tool for consumers when it comes to determining if they should seek medical attention. For healthcare professionals, accurate, quick, and reliable temperature monitoring devices like Exergen save time and help ensure that patients are receiving the best quality care based on their current symptoms.

Exergen products are designed with end-users in mind, offering user-friendly, hygienic, and non-invasive temperature measurements to 16 million homes around the world. They continue to be a preferred choice of doctors and nurses and are currently used in every top hospital in the United States. Newsweek recently listed the top U.S. hospitals in each state and all of these hospitals use the Exergen Temporal Scanner to provide high quality patient care. Exergen’s commitment to accuracy offers individuals and professionals a trustworthy tool for monitoring their health in a world flooded with potentially inaccurate at-home health devices.

When it comes to a particularly dangerous respiratory virus season – with RSV, COVID-19, and the flu increasing in recent weeks – it’s critical that medical professionals and consumers utilize accurate temperature monitoring tools to evaluate severity of illness both at home and in clinical medical settings.

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