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Monday, June 5, 2023



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The Reasons Behind Headaches: Knowing When To Seek Help

Headaches:  Good health is the biggest sign of wealth today. One of the biggest hindrances to your health is having sudden or recurring health problems, one of which is a headache.

It can occur anywhere on the scale of mild to a full-blown migraine, but they all have a similar reaction; when the most important organ of your body, the head, begins to hurt, there is nothing you can focus on! A headache can feel like a brain ache, even though there are no pain cells inside the brain. So what are the reasons that trigger such bouts of headache? Let’s take a look into the six biggest reasons behind headaches!

  • Prolonged Stress: If you’re someone who is overloaded by stress continuously due to work or personal life events, you’re going to face a headache. The reason this happens is that stress makes your muscles and nerves strain, bunching up tightly enough to restrict the flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the brain. Practicing deep breathing exercises, working out, and meditating will helo lower the cortisol levels.
  • Dehydration: Lack of water in the body can do strange things to our anatomy. As per the headaches chart, if you’re experiencing pain on the top-most part of your head, the apex, you’re probably not drinking water. Your body needs hydration to keep your brain cool and organs functioning. Drink adequate water (not sugary drinks or alcohol) to avoid headaches.
  • Lack of Sleep: Lack of sleep can make you lose cognitive function, mental clarity, and intelligence. The headaches that come like dizziness and nausea right after you sleep just two hours (or none) a night before an exam will not subside unless you take a long nap. To avoid messing up important tests, projects, and presentations, make sure that you create a sleep schedule that is not compromised.
  • Too Much Screen Time: Today, everyone is working from home, which means we spend even more time on our screens. Or perhaps you’re a student that loves to game their time away. However, having too much screen time can affect your health and cause a headache due to the change in eyesight. Give yourself some time off the screen and take frequent breaks while working online to avoid painful headaches. IF you suspect your eyesight has been affected, get checked and use prescription glasses meant for screen use.
  • Acidity and Gas: Having acidity can create gases in your stomach, that can affect your entire body, including the head. Don’t be surprised if you get a pulsing headache when you’ve been skipping meals or eating unhealthy! Get tested for GERD if you’re constantly experiencing acid reflux, stomach ulcers, or pain while eating so that it can be treated appropriately.

Wrapping Up:

We hope that you can now detect the reason for your headaches and treat it. The best prevention for a headache is to eat anti-oxidant rich meals, drink lots of water and natural fruit juice, get enough sleep, and balance your screen time. If you already have a persistent headache and these reasons don’t add up, visit a specialist to get a check-up done.

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