The Role of IT in the Healthcare Industry

IT in the Healthcare Industry

IT in the Healthcare Industry – Over the past few decades, information technology has radicalized the way we live and work. Parts of all human life have been forever changed by IT and technology. When it comes to work and careers, almost everything is different.

One place where you will see huge changes due to IT is the healthcare industry. Almost constantly, there are new upgrades and processes coming into play, helping to improve patient care and workflows. In this article, you will learn more about the role of IT in the healthcare industry and why it is so important.

Managed IT Services

Managing a huge IT infrastructure is no easy task and with so many upgrades and processes changing all the time, it can be hard to keep track. For this reason, hospitals utilize managed IT service providers to keep their systems up-to-date. These external teams help to take the pressure off of hospitals, so they can focus on patient care whilst being left feeling confident that their IT systems are never going to let them down. These companies also help to keep all the sensitive patient data properly protected. So, if hospitals have great companies looking after their IT systems, let’s find out why…

Patient Pathway Management

One of the most obvious – and most crucial – parts of hospital IT systems is patient pathway management. IT systems are utilized to make sure that patient data is shared across departments. For example, if a patient is treated in the Emergency Room and then sent down to an X-Ray or a care ward, their data needs to follow them. Of course, there are still paper notes used to write information about patients. But, these are quickly transferred to digital, helping keep track of patients much more safely.

Mass Data Storage

As mentioned, there is a lot of data involved in an operation like a hospital. With huge amounts of data comes a need to store and protect it all. With the help of managed IT services or an expert IT department, hospitals store huge banks of patient historical data. This data can then be called upon at any time, helping to continue an accurate patient pathway. This minimizes the risk of mistakes occurring during patient care.


There is a relatively new technology taking the IT world by storm and that is automation. Hospitals are no different when it comes to the rapid uptake of automation. In this technology, IT robots are used to complete manual tasks such as filing invoices, sending mass emails, or printing patient letters. This saves hospitals tons of time and money, as they need less staff spending hours on these boring tasks. Instead, the staff is redeployed to more useful, patient-facing, or worthwhile jobs. Automation can save all business time and money, making them far more efficient.

These are just a few of the most important ways that hospitals and healthcare businesses use IT and IT services. Without IT, hospital care would be far slower and much less secure. It just goes to show how quickly IT can revolutionize a whole industry – what could be next in terms of IT and hospital care?


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