Tips On How To Use Alternative Medication To Better Your Life

Conventional medicine has a lot of benefits. Whether it’s radiology, diagnostics, surgery, or medication, conventional Western medicine can alleviate many of humanity’s biggest health issues. However, it isn’t capable of resolving the entirety of human health all by itself, despite what its advocates may say.

Alternative forms of therapy and medicine are able to mitigate the gaps that are left by conventional medicine. While there may be multiple treatments for a condition, the conventional one isn’t always the best treatment available. There are likely other options that are more effective and less risky.

And while it’s important to listen to your doctor, especially in life-threatening situations, they don’t know everything and they operate in their own best interest, not yours. So it’s important to know what’s out there before letting some quack cut you open and throw away your ‘useless’ bits.

Tips On How To Use Alternative Medication To Better Your Life

CBD Is Effective For Many Disorders

One of the most promising and effective alternative medications is CBD. CBD is one of the active cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. But CBD is not the psychoactive ingredient that makes a person high, that’s THC. CBD is a molecular compound that’s been shown to have positive effects on a wide range of issues.

CBD isn’t extremely cheap, but it’s more affordable than most pharmaceutical solutions. This is especially true if you don’t have insurance. Additionally, you can find vouchers and CBDMD coupons to lower your expenses. CBD is safe for almost anyone and the only known side-effect is loose stool as it is an oil. All oils have the same potential for this effect.

CBD is commonly used for anxiety and insomnia disorders, where it is extremely effective. However, studies have shown CBD is effective for other disorders such as epilepsy. CBD is one of the safest and most efficacious treatments for childhood epilepsy and can halt seizure occurrences completely in many instances. It’s also reputed for its ability to mitigate and manage pain.

East Asian Herbal Medicine Is Well-Developed

Another option is to try traditional East Asian medicine. The Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and other Asian cultures have all cultivated a form of medicine to treat every condition under the sun. While receiving harsh criticism from Western thinkers, Asian traditional medicine has been shown to be highly effective in treating a full range of conditions.

Many of the world’s go-to drugs are developed from traditional herbal remedies used in the East for millennia. These include the globally employed malaria treatment approach. Many traditional medical herbs are banned from athletic use for their ability to mimic steroidal actions.

So don’t let anyone tell you that herbal medicine doesn’t do anything. If they say that, they simply don’t know what they’re talking about because they haven’t done any research. They’re probably parroting what they read online on a fringe skeptic site. The research is in, herbal medicines contain powerful constituents.

The problem isn’t efficacy, however. It’s knowledge and know-how. Many people believe they can self-diagnose or give herbal advice without clinical training, and that’s just not true. People that do so aren’t respecting the power of the herbs that they recommend and are potentially causing harm.

It’s important to go to an OM Physician if you are truly in search of an effective cure. An OM Physician is colloquially known as an acupuncturist. While some of these practitioners may only be trained in the art of acupuncture, most of them are fully trained and licensed Asian herbologists. They know exactly what they are doing and are the only licenced professional that truly knows how to use herbs as a medicine in an effective and safe way.

There is no reliable Western herbal equivalent. And Western-trained herbalists can’t be trusted as they don’t really have an accredited schooling system and practitioners usually just read a book or two before hanging their shingle.

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Use Raw Herbs For Efficacy And Safety

There is some concern about supplementation because it is not regulated by the FDA. This means that when you buy a herbal product without knowledge of its manufacturer, you could get a wide range of quality. Some fake products contain no herbs at all. Others contain filler ingredients. Others still may employ non-active ingredients with a little bit of pharmaceutical medicine in there and sold under the guise of being all-natural.

The best way to avoid bad quality herbs and unknown constituents are to use raw herbs. Raw herbs are also more effective by far. However, they need to be cooked up in a kind of herbal soup called a decoction. This takes a bit of time to prepare. They are also not often pleasant to drink. Usually, these drinks are bitter and unpleasant. But the effects can be profound.

Patent Medications Are Easier To Administer

If you don’t have time to cook up your medicine every day, you could take patent medications. Patent medications utilize the same herbal formulas as the decoctions but come in a different form of administration, little tea pills.

Tea pills are little black pills of herbal extract. They are still fairly strong, but they pale in comparison to their liquid extracted counterparts. The upside of patent medications is that they are convenient as they are premade pills and they are easy to consume because they are very small. The other major upside is that they don’t taste like anything at all. So if you don’t have time or you just can’t handle the taste, get the patent counterparts.

However, make sure you purchase your medicines through reputable brands used and recommended by your practitioner to ensure a high-quality product in acquired. Don’t go buying random formulas from unknown companies online. That’s a surefire formula for disaster.

Alternative Medication Is Safer

Alternative medicine and dietary changes are safer than conventional medications and treatments in most cases. Herbal formulas and CBD have the potential to cure your condition, albeit slowly. They aren’t just a bandaid. They aim to correct the fundamental issues that are creating your problems instead of just covering it up with a pill every day for the rest of your life. And that’s important for long-term health and happiness.

Herbal medications are slower, but they are safer. Herbal medications have been used and tested for thousands of years. But they weren’t always used correctly. It took time and with experience, formulations were created that use multiple herbs to balance the side-effects and accentuate the benefits. This elegant and insightful approach to allopathic treatment is only now beginning to gain traction in the Western world in the form of non-FDA approved blending pharmacies.


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