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Tips To Survive Chronic Back Pain In Winter

Winter is about cold winds, snow, and seasonal blues. These factors can aggravate physical woes, including chronic back pain. The extra workload of shoveling the snow and festive prep can worsen it due to exertion and restlessness. You may end up popping painkillers and struggling to move due to severe pain. Nothing gets worse than having to stay in bed during festive celebrations. Fortunately, a few precautions are enough to avoid the situation and stay active throughout the season. Here are some expert-recommended tips to survive chronic back pain in winter.

Avoid pushing yourself too hard

Most people experience a spike in backache during winter because they push themselves too hard. Imagine the pressure shoveling snow off your driveway and scraping ice off surfaces can exert on your back. You may even suffer while indulging in fun activities such as sledding and decking up your home for festive celebrations. Experts recommend listening to your body and avoiding stretching it beyond your limits. You may share a bit of workload and have some fun, but skip going over the top.

Wear warm clothing

Chronic back pain may worsen due to exposure to cold winds and low temperatures. You can easily avert the risk by wearing warm clothing indoors and outdoors. Staying warm prevents muscle and ligament tightening, which can lead to severe pain. A warm thermal layer is essential, and you must have enough layers on top. Always wear a long layer to cover your lower back.

Seek treatment

Not all health problems resolve with precautions and good care. Struggling with discomfort is the last thing you want to do during the festive season. Seeking immediate back pain treatment from a specialist is the best alternative. You can rely on a combination of chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and other therapies to address the problem from the root. Timely care keeps you fit and happy and reduces your dependence on medications.

Exercise regularly

Although working out during bouts of pain sounds counterintuitive, it can be the best solution to keep chronic back pain at bay in winter. You can seek advice from a specialist to pick relevant exercises that improve your condition. You may use various back pain tools such as the Back Buddy, Chirp Wheel, and so on. Light stretching works well to train your muscles and keeps them loose and strong. You may also try yoga for relief. But remember to work out only under expert supervision.

Rest, nourish, and hydrate

Following these basics of healthy living can help you prevent chronic back pain in winter. Since winter is a busy time, you may have to make a conscious effort to get the essential eight hours of sleep daily. Clean up your sleep schedules and avoid late nights. Nourish well and eat warm and seasonal foods to keep yourself strong. Good hydration is essential to maintain lubrication between joints for a healthy back.

Keeping the chronic back pain at bay in winter is easy, provided you are willing to invest in self-care. Follow these simple tips to stay fit and healthy, and avoid painkillers to address an achy back this season.

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