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Top 10 Cardio Exercises to Practice at Home

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Cardiovascular exercises are essential to your health and wellness. These exercises can be any activity that elevates your heart rate, which encompasses far more than just jogging or brisk walking.

You do not need to devote countless hours to the gymnasium to preserve your cardiovascular health or lose weight.

Go through the following list and learn some of the best and easiest at-home cardio workouts to implement into your training routine.

1.  Froggy Jumps

Froggy jumps are high-intensity and excellent techniques to increase your heart rate quickly. In addition, this difficult exercise builds lower-body strength and cardiorespiratory endurance while increasing calorie expenditure.

First, place your feet approximately hip-width apart and kneel until your hands can touch the ground. Utilizing your glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings to produce power, explode and leap upward. As you jump, tap the heels together and place your hands behind the head or in the air.

Land with knees bent to support the joints and squat to brace the subsequent jump. You need to repeat ten to twenty frog hops. Rest and repeat as necessary. If your knees are bothersome, squat partially. Or, instead of jumping, omit the squat and stand fast at the end of the exercise.

2.  Toe Taps and Jumps

Toe taps are excellent for increasing ferocity and enhancing agility. If this is a move you haven’t done before, be patient and ease into it by using gentle taps instead of the jump. Remember that you can perform this exercise without a step, tapping on any firm object, such as the bottom stair step, or perhaps using a BOSU ball. If you need any additional indoor exercise equipment, click on

Face a platform or step while standing. Step forward and touch your right toe to the stair before jumping up and touching your left toe. Now tap your toes as quickly and as carefully as possible for 30-60 seconds.

3.  Burpees

Burpees are an activity that many of us vividly recall from high school gym class. This challenging exercise is so remarkable because it engages the full body and quickly raises the heart rate.

The exercise is straightforward yet extremely taxing on the lungs, heart, and muscles. You can add it to your routine aerobic workouts to increase the intensity and improve your strength, speed, and stamina.

With your feet approximately hip-width apart, squat to the ground and place your hands on the floor ahead of you. Then jump explosively using your feet extended behind you, landing on the hands and toes in a push-up stance with your torso in a straight line.

Perform a push-up from the knees or toes (this is optional to add a bit of intensity). Instantaneously return the feet to the starting position, stand up, and continue for 10-15 repetitions or 30-60 seconds.

4.  Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers can be a challenging, high-intensity activity that will increase your heart rate as well as the intensity of your workouts. This technique will improve your leg endurance and agility, making it an excellent overall exercise.

If you’ve never performed this exercise before, take your time and begin with slow repetitions. This maneuver requires significant core strength and upper-body endurance.

Start in a push-up stance on the hands and toes, with the back flat and the abs tight. Bring the right knee to your chest while placing the foot on the ground. Switch your feet in the air, taking your left foot forward and your right foot back. Continue switching feet as quickly as possible for 30-60 seconds.

5.  Squat Leaps

Squat leaps are an excellent method to increase the intensity of your workouts and get your heart rate up. Add these to the conclusion of your usual cardio exercise for an additional kick, or perform them a few times throughout your exercise whenever you want to increase the intensity or vary your routine.

This is an expert, high-impact workout, so land with soft knees to protect your joints. If the pressure is excessive, perform the maneuver without jumping. If you have never attempted this technique, take your time and begin with modest jumps. If you feel pain or discomfort, avoid this activity.

Start with your feet around hip-distance apart and your core engaged. If feasible, contact the floor using your fingertips while squatting as low as possible. Be cautious to push the hips back to minimize extra knee strain. Jump as high as possible while sweeping your arms above your head. You need to repeat the squat position with relaxed knees for 30-60 seconds.

6.  Jumping Jacks to a Step

Adding a step to jumping jacks is an excellent way to add intensity and mix things up. This exercise has a heavy impact, so land on soft knees to protect your joints.

Attempting for the first time might require beginning with the stair at its lowest position. If you feel pain or discomfort, avoid this activity. Standing in front of a step or platform, leap onto it using both feet. If jumping feels hazardous or uncomfortable, either jump back to the ground or step down.

Jump jacks are performed on the ground, followed by a rebound jump back up the step. For 30-60 seconds, alternate between a leap on the step and a jumping jack. Use a lower step or perform jumping jacks on the ground to alter. The action can also be made less forceful by jumping in a staggered posture, with one-foot landing on the step shortly before the other.

7.  Side-to-Side Jumping Lunges

Side-to-side lunges are a fantastic all-body exercise that will increase your heart rate. This exercise can be performed without a jump or with a jump to increase the intensity. Protect your back by contracting your abs, and if you have any back pain, stay off the floor. If you haven’t attempted this technique before, take your time and start with slow repetitions.

In a runner’s lunge, extend your right leg to the side while bending your left knee and moving your torso to the left. If possible, touch the right fingers to the floor. Jump up swiftly, shift the feet in the air, then lunge to the right, touching the ground with your left hand. Continue to alternate sides for thirty to sixty seconds.

8.  Prisoner Squat Jumps

Prisoner squat leaps are similar to squat jumps, except they provide more emphasis on the abdominals. Putting your hands behind the head and bending forward at the waist is a great core exercise since it works the abdominals and the back.

You need to land on your knees to reduce the impact on your knees and other joints, as this is an expert workout with a high-intensity level. The move can be performed without jumping if the force is too great. Start slowly and with modest jumps if this is your first time doing this. Avoid this workout if it causes you any pain or discomfort.

Position your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands behind the head to get started. Try to get as low as possible while squatting, and lean forward from the hips rather than the spine. Keep your hands behind your head as you launch yourself into the air. Repeat for 30-60 seconds, landing on soft knees each time.

9.  Jogging in One Place

If you’re confined indoors, one of the simplest methods to raise your heart rate is to jog in place. However, because there is no forward movement or wind resistance, it is not as intense as jogging outside. However, jogging up and down stairs or around the home is more effective.

Lift your knees as you march while flapping your arms. As you grow used to the activity, transition into a light jog while keeping your feet closer to the ground. Jog with your heels up. Elevate the knees or pump the arms overhead as you jog more quickly. Repeat 30–60 times. This exercise can be a great addition to the cardio circuit.

10.  Speed Skaters

Speed skaters are excellent for raising heart rate and training the body using lateral movement. This workout targets both the heart and the outer thighs. This is a fantastic addition to activities that require you to move forward and backward, like long hops.

Beginning with the feet together, jump as far to the right as possible. For a balance challenge, land on the right foot and cross the left foot behind you. Again taking a fairly wide step, leap to the left and land on the left foot. Keep working from one side to another and try not to jump up in the air. Instead, keep your movements low and wide. Continue to alternate sides for another 30-60 seconds.

Final Words

You can practice challenging cardio workouts at home without equipment and still get great results. These exercises can be difficult, so only practice a few each time, and only at the rate and intensity appropriate for your fitness level. As mentioned earlier, consult a professional trainer if you are doubtful of the proper form and posture for these exercises.

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