Top 10 Higher Educational Institutions in Wyoming

Educational Institutions in Wyoming: Wyoming is a small state, which means its higher education system is also not too extensive. It is comprised of 10 colleges and universities. Four-year undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered at the University of Wyoming only.

However, that does not mean that the level of education here is low. Residents of Wyoming can attend universities in 14 different states, utilizing the benefits of special exchange programs with lower costs for out-of-state students.

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Getting back to the topic, below is the list of 10 educational institutions in Wyoming that students-to-be may consider.

1. Casper College

Casper College is one of the largest public community colleges in the region. It was established in 1945 and now consists of 28 campus buildings. There are roughly 250 faculty members, and 4,000 students enrolled. It has its own geological museum located on campus!

2. Central Wyoming College

Central Wyoming College is another public community college, best known for its associate degree in Nursing Program. Many students travel to Wyoming to start their nursing education because it is of high quality and regionally accredited. Also, it owns the only public television network in the state.

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3. Eastern Wyoming College

This community college was founded in 1968 and is known for its outreach centers located in different cities across the state. It now serves almost 2,000 students, respecting their diversity and backgrounds. The college offers affordable education and prides itself on it.

4. Laramie County Community College

Laramie County Community College enrolls almost 4,000 students and over 260 faculty members. It has affordable tuition for both in-state and out-of-state students. Associate degrees are offered in 29 different fields, including business, marketing, and education.

5. Northwest College

Northwest College is known for its eventful student life and various training and development offers. The program helps people get vocational skills in diverse fields, including agriculture, life sciences, social science, and others. It’s pretty popular among locals for its price/quality ratio.

6. Sheridan College

Sheridan College is a part of the Northern Wyoming Community College District. Yet, it’s separately listed because it is pretty independent in the academic policy it provides. It offers associate degrees and various certificate programs to prepare students for a four-year education. The college is best known for its professional development and vocational training.

7. Western Wyoming Community College

Western Wyoming Community College offers associate degrees and certifications and cooperates with the University of Wyoming to provide bachelor’s programs. Yet, it is still most popular among students pursuing occupational studies. It also hosts a free museum that features mounted wildlife of 125 species.

8. The University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming is the oldest post-secondary institution in the state. It was founded in 1886, years before Wyoming became a state, and still is the only public institution that offers four-year degrees. It has nearly 200 programs and enrolls approximately 10,000 undergraduate students.

9. College America-Cheyenne

College America-Cheyenne was the first and only private nonprofit institution financed by tuition, endowments, and gifts. It did not generate profit and did not receive public funding.

Yet, it varied dramatically in terms of the programs offered. Moreover, it provided students with bachelor’s degrees, meaning all programs here were four years long. As of 2017, this educational institution is permanently closed.

10. WyoTech-Laramie

On the contrary, WyoTech is a private educational institution that actually generates profit. It offers six specialty and three core programs mostly related to collision repair, diesel tech, and auto mechanic careers. It’s a great modern choice, but it also may cause specific problems when students decide to transfer.


The variety of educational institutions and the competition make the choice students have to face quite tricky; it’s not only the quality of education that affects it. Today, universities compete in different ways, including campus life, partner networking, and career opportunities. You must think carefully of all these opportunities before you make a move and apply to a particular institution.

This article can help you select among the colleges in Wyoming. Do not hesitate; use all resources available to make the tough choice, and hopefully, you won’t regret it!

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