Top 11 Senior Products a Caregiver Must Know About

Senior Products

Old age comes with several challenges and discomforts. If you are a paid caregiver looking to make life easier for the loved one in your care, the below-mentioned products will aid you in taking better care while keeping them safe and protected at all times.

Slip-Resistant Bath Mat

This mat is perfect for baths in elder care facilities or even at home. It can reduce the risk of the elder falling in the shower. It’s extremely easy to install, and just takes a few moments to place it at the bottom of the tub. Make sure the suction cups are settled.

This mat is also machine washable and anti-bacterial. That means that you won’t have to deal with any gross spots from continued use. It can be installed into any non-textured tub and is perfect for a member who has problems standing due to arthritis or other bone and joint issues.

Toilet Tissue Aid Wand

Finally, a product that gives the elderly dignity and independence back! The wand is a self-wipe, sanitary, easy-to-use, multipurpose, portable, personal toilet tissue aid. It’s specifically designed for personal cleaning and hygiene for anyone with limited mobility.

Grab Bars

Getting up from the toilet seat, or getting in and out of the shower safely is key to avoiding injuries. These grab bars can be installed in any place where the elderly may require to stand up on their own – next to the bed could be a spot where usually they struggle to get up. Grab bars next to their chairs is also helpful.

Cordless Electric Kettle

Forgetting a kettle on the stove top can lead to kitchen fires. A cordless electric kettle eliminates such risks altogether while increasing convenience and simplicity.

Ring Doorbell

Perfect for older adults! Lets you see, hear and speak with anyone at your door – before letting them in. Also, great for family caregivers as it allows you to receive mobile notifications when someone comes to your parent’s door. Enhances security and keeps unwanted visitors from ringing doorbells. Tracks professional caregiver arrival and departure times.

Toilet Footstool

As you get older, going to the bathroom often becomes more difficult. The squatty potty has shown to provide all kinds of benefits during bathroom trips. This toilet footstool helps senior citizens and younger people improve their digestive health. It works simply by adjusting their toilet posture. A squatting position results in more effective bowel movements. As a result, less strain and constipation reduce the risk of hemorrhoids. However, if it happens that hemorrhoids already occurred, a hemorrhoid cream can be used, and know more about what does hemorrhoid cream do to help your senior feel more comfortable.

Rocking Garden Seat

Make sure your older loved ones can keep enjoying the blissful benefits of gardening with a little support. This garden seat will spare their knees from being bent for too long. Pull out weeds and indulge that green thumb with this ergonomically designed seat.

Personal Emergency Control System

Make sure the elderly are protected at all times with the emergency control system. With the simple press of a button, they can quickly contact emergency services to get the help they need.

House Cleaning Robot

If you can’t operate a vacuum, a robot vacuum can help keep your home dust-free. Robo vacs and other types of service robots for the home can aid independent living.

Automatic Pill Reminder

Tired of keeping track of what pills to take at what time? Do your old folks forget to take their meds? An automatic pill dispenser takes care of this for the elderly so they can go about their day free from worry!

Passive Leg Exerciser

For senior citizens who aren’t able to indulge in daily walks, stimulating devices can help turn around the disability process. That’s of utmost importance because after all, walking without assistance is necessary to live independently.

It’s a passive exercise machine that will help the elderly to move more on their own accord by gently training the leg muscles via ergo-therapy. Simply sit down, and put your feet on it for about 15 minutes per day, and the machine’s precise continuous movements will strengthen the legs.


These senior products are designed to make a daily living for the elderly easy. For paid caregivers, some of these products can be quite helpful as they can mitigate the risks of falling.

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