Top 5 Best Online Therapy Platforms

Online therapy is one of the most convenient options to access mental health services. Also known as telehealth, this type of therapy allows you to get the help you need from the comfort of your home at any time. If you want to know more about the best online therapy platforms and what they have to offer, check out the following sections.

1.    Calmerry

Calmerry online therapy is one of the most flexible, feature-packed platforms available with multiple affordable subscription plans. Calmerry therapists are specialized in a wide range of mental health issues, including anxiety and stress, chronic illness, relationships (including LGBTQIA+), family conflicts, eating disorders, and others. All therapists are licensed in their state and they are thoroughly vetted, ensuring the best quality mental health care.

It has multiple subscriptions available that match any budget, and any plan can be canceled at any time. There are three plans, starting at only $50 per week for messaging therapy, and the cost increases depending on how many video sessions per week you want to add.

In addition to affordability, the Calmerry platform provides multiple free tools and features, such as a bountiful resource section that includes a mental health blog, free mental health tests, and even webinars.

You can switch your therapist for free and the client-counselor matching process is accurate and quick. The sign-up process takes only five minutes thanks to the clear questions, so you can choose what expertise your counselor should have (i.e., trauma, self-esteem, relationship,). Once you sign-up, there are more tools to use, including a reflection bot, a journal, and a mood-tracking tool.

2. specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy. As the name suggests, this therapy is useful for identifying unhelpful behavioral patterns, such as negative thinking. CBT has been demonstrated to be efficient when dealing with depression, anxiety, drug use, relationship issues, or eating disorders.

The platform has a few strengths compared to other competitors. Users receive regular worksheets that come with daily feedback from the therapist. Also, you obtain access to an online course in CBT. could be a great platform for people that prefer a proactive approach and want to improve their well-being. The available resources include a 30-minute weekly live chat with the therapist, an online journal, and messaging.

The cost depends on the chosen subscription plan. The most affordable one is the basic plan for $50 per week which includes unlimited messaging and access to multiple tools and resources. Plans with one or two weekly live sessions are also available at a higher cost.

3.    TalkSpace

Talkspace is a straightforward text and video therapy platform and one of the first on the market, founded back in 2012. Perhaps one of the main advantages of TalkSpace is that it could be a good pick for busy individuals or those who’d prefer more constant support throughout their day.

On the platform, you can share your concerns and thoughts with your therapist and they will reply to you when they are available. If you need deeper support, there is also an option for a live chat instead of  texting.

In addition to this, TalkSpace offers a psychiatry service as well, apart from counselors with different specializations. The services are suitable for those who require prescriptions.

Texting therapy starts at $69 per week, video is $99, and a combination of both is $109 per week.

TalkSpace may feel rather impersonal if texting is not for you, as their live video sessions are only 30 minutes long. However, many people may prefer text therapy for its convenience and privacy.

4.    Amwell

Compared to other platforms, Amwell offers a broader array of services, ranging from non-urgent care to online therapy. When you register, you can see the full list of doctors and counselors available, so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Unlike Calmerry and other platforms that use a questionnaire to match you with the best healthcare professional, Amwell requires you to choose the right person based on their experience and reviews.

For medical issues, Amwell’s sessions are 10 minutes long, while online therapy takes approximately 45 minutes. Prescription management is also available.

Amwell could be a great choice for individuals who want to use one platform for short-term and non-urgent medical and mental health appointments. Its services are covered by specific insurance providers; urgent care or medical visits are priced at $79, while therapy starts at $99.

5.    7 Cups of Tea

7 Cups of Tea connects people with free emotional support via free community chats and message boards, and free support provided by trained volunteers. For adults, therapy is available for a monthly subscription fee of $150.

7 Cups of Tea is a great platform for individuals who want to share their concerns and talk to someone so they feel less lonely. The trained listeners are not licensed mental health counselors, unlike other platforms’ counselors.

However, if you prefer group or community support, 7 Cups of Tea offers access to many chat rooms and message boards organized according to symptoms or specific health conditions. This helps individuals get in touch with others who go through similar life challenges.

On the one hand, 7 Cups of Tea abounds with resources for minors, as anyone over the age of 13 can join the platform, connect with trained listeners, and access free appropriate resources.

On the other hand, since 7 Cups of Tea’s listeners are not trained mental health professionals, they may not be able to help you, so they may refer you to a licensed counselor instead.

Another drawback is that anyone can become a trained listener; it is important to do your diligence and only choose listeners with positive reviews and high ratings to avoid negative experiences.

Bottom Line

Like in-person therapy, online therapy means connecting with a licensed therapist. There are several online therapy platforms available, but they usually cater to different audiences. Based on whether you need mental health counseling or short-term guidance or advice, the five online therapy platforms di

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