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Top 7 Mistakes Slip and Fall Injury Victims Make

Slip and fall accidents are common and can affect anyone at any age, regardless of their health. The injuries from slips and falls can range from minor bruises to broken bones, head trauma, or even death.

In Austin, Texas, slips and falls are among the leading causes of emergency room visits, with over 96 incidents recorded yearly. There are cases where a person might get injured in a slip-and-fall accident due to someone’s negligence. In addition to the physical pain and suffering, individuals also have to face the financial burden of such incidents. However, financial recovery may be jeopardized if you act slowly or don’t seek the services of an experienced Austin, TX, personal injury attorney.

Here, we have listed the top 7 mistakes that slip-and-fall injury victims usually make so that you don’t end up making the same mistake.

1. Leaving the Accident Scene Without Collecting Evidence

Before you leave the accident scene to seek medical attention, take photos of the conditions at the location and gather the contact information of witnesses. Evidence may include your items, such as your broken glasses from the accident scene or your clothes stained by blood. Document and keep all records relevant to your case, including photos, reports, texts, emails, receipts, and any other paperwork you can use to prove the severity of your injuries.

2. Forgetting to Notify Building Management

Always provide the facts of your slip and fall accident to the building management or property owner. However, avoid including commentary, as your words may be used or twisted to imply guilt.

3. Delaying Medical Treatment

Always seek medical attention immediately after a slip or fall accident. Even if you don’t feel severely hurt right after the accident, it’s still important to see a doctor to rule out any hidden injuries. Traumatic brain injuries and internal trauma may not always be visible, and symptoms may not manifest immediately.

4. Failing to Consult with an Attorney

If you’re hurt in a slip-and-fall accident, consult an experienced attorney immediately. Proper legal representation will help you navigate the complex and time-sensitive proceedings involved in a slip-and-fall claim. While recovering from your injuries, dealing with the process may be detrimental to your case. Your attorney will assess your case, collect evidence, and prepare for trial to proceed the case to court.

5. Giving a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company

Only provide the basic information about when and where the slip and fall accident occurred when speaking with the insurance company. Decline to give any recorded statement, as this might jeopardize your chances of getting fair compensation for your injuries.

The insurance company covering the property owner may also try to contact you and offer compensation. However, they will try to pay you as little as possible and protect themselves from lawsuits. Refrain from talking to the insurance provider without your attorney.

6. Waiting for Too Long to File a Lawsuit

Texas’s statute of limitations can affect your ability to recover damages from a slip and fall accident. Talk to your attorney to find the right time to file a lawsuit while negotiating with the insurance company to avoid problems with the stringent timelines.

7. Accepting a Settlement Too Soon

If you are injured from a slip-and-fall accident, only accept an offer from an insurance company after consultation with your attorney. You may get to know the full extent of your damages only once you consult a skilled personal injury attorney. The insurance company will try to offer you much less compensation than you are entitled to. Even if the settlement offer seems appealing, your attorney is better placed to negotiate a fair settlement commensurate with your injuries.

Have You Been Hurt in a Slip and Fall Accident?

If you suffered injuries in a slip-and-fall accident, consult an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. By scheduling a consultation soon after the accident, your attorney can find the best way to help you recover your damages by holding the negligent party responsible. As a result, you can get the fair compensation you deserve for your injuries and other non-financial losses incurred.


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