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Top Benefits of Cryotherapy for Athletes

The physical exertion and pressure athletes put their bodies under during training and practice mean that they are at risk of injury, ranging from mild to severe. This can keep professionals off the field and out of action for varying amounts of time. Statistics show that 3.2 million people were medically treated for injuries involving sports and recreational equipment.

The good news is that cryotherapy is a straightforward and effective way to treat sports injuries. This typically involves the application of cold to treat acute soft tissue and sports injuries like ankle sprains, ligament tears, and muscle spasms. Here are the main benefits of using cryotherapy as a form of recovery in sports.

Faster recovery

If you have a sporting injury or experiencing Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness (DOMS) after an intense workout, there is evidence to show that whole-body cryotherapy encourages better recovery times. Cryotherapy equipment like cryo-tanks used infrared temperature technology to help speed up the repair process and get athletes back quickly to their games and workout.

This works by stimulating the lymphatic fluid and blood movement, bringing oxygen and other needed nutrients to the affected area.

Muscle tissue repair

When your muscles and body tissues have been pushed to the limit, inflammation occurs, and they need time to repair. Cryotherapy treatments like ice packs or compresses alleviate inflamed muscles and soreness by cooling the injured body parts. This then causes vasoconstriction to slow circulation and reduce any internal bleeding surrounding the injury site.

Athletes who commonly put their bodies under an extreme amount of stress like MMA fighters, powerlifters, and triathletes regularly use cryotherapy to promote muscle healing.

May aid sleep

Researchers argue that cold treatments may even aid sleep by activating the ‘rest and digest portion of the automatic nervous system. This is in charge of bodily functions when we are feeling calm and safe so we feel at our most comfortable when this is switched on.

Improves flexibility

Cryotherapy couldactually help you improve your flexibility. Studies show that cold treatment can have a positive impact on muscular function and improved joint flexibility. By focusing cryotherapy on targeted areas, cold compression can loosen muscle tightness and reduce muscle temperature.

Weight loss

While cold therapy can not be marketed as a weight-loss method, there is the theory that immersing your body in freezing temperatures activates the fight-or-flight reflex. While in survival mode, your body releases adrenaline and norepinephrine and speeds your metabolism up.

In order to protect your internal organs, your brain will send signals to pump more blood to your core which reduces fat cells. More evidence is needed to conclusively confirm cryotherapy as a successful weight loss method.

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