Top Medical Tips to Help You Take Proper Care of Your Feet

Your feet carry your body everywhere you go and they often spend more time crammed in shoes with poor aeration. It is essential to take good care of them to improve your overall health. Unfortunately, when evaluating our health, we don’t pay much attention to our feet. Here are top medical tips to help you take proper care of your feet.

Wash Your Feet

When you spend most of your time wearing shoes and socks, your feet are likely to sweat which can lead to the development of fungus between the toes. While sandals are good for aeration, your feet will get dirty from all the exposure. Therefore, you should wash your feet every day to remove bacteria and dirt. You can use warm water to clean them, but avoid soaking, as it can lead to dryness. After cleaning, ensure you dry them well.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Look for comfortable shoes to prevent blisters, foot pain, and other problems. Choosing breathable shoes helps eliminate foot odor. However, there are certain things you should know about shoes, according to Dr. Eberly who is based in Victoria, Texas; “good quality doesn’t necessarily mean good shoes. It is possible for shoes to be made of the best materials but not provide the necessary support and comfort for your activity.” Therefore, try to get footwear that suits your needs. You should avoid tight-fitting shoes and don’t wear the same pair every day.

Wear Clean Socks

Your feet produce sweat like other parts of the body. If the sweat is trapped between the toes, it can produce a bad smell or causes foot disease. Clean socks play a crucial role in absorbing moisture to keep your feet dry. Socks also prevent your feet from issues like injuries and wear and tear.

Examine Your Feet

You must check your feet for issues like infected toenails, sores, cuts, swelling, and bruises. If you have an underlying condition like diabetes, regular inspection of your feet is vital. If you identify a problem and it does not heal within a few days, you must consult your doctor. Trimming your toenails also helps promote the quality of your foot health. Make sure you trim them straight across to avoid issues like ingrown nails.

Moisturize Your Feet

You should moisturize daily to keep the skin soft and healthy. However, you must not apply too much moisturizer between your toes to prevent the development of bacteria. You can moisturize your feet using cream, petroleum jelly, or oils.


Exercise or any form of physical activity like walking is good for your feet. Exercising helps improve blood flow which is good for overall health. Jogging can also be good for your feet when it comes to building strong muscles.

Your feet play a critical role in your life since they carry you from one point to the other. However, they can be affected by different conditions that can impact mobility. The good thing is that there are several measures you can take to look after your feet well. If you notice a persistent problem, you should visit your primary care health provider.

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