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Friday, June 2, 2023



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Ultra Select Medical Announces Merger with Platinum Healthcare

Ultra Select Medical is a privately owned and operated ultrasound company in the United States offering top manufacturers and brands in the industry with a cost-competitive edge.

Managing partners, W.C. Peeler, Mike Wilson, and Chris Munyon have been cornering the ultrasound system provider market for more than two decades. They pride themselves on their stock availability, comprehensive service contracts, and all-encompassing ultrasound system services.

Ultra Select Medical not only handles the sales side of the industry; they also provide qualified repair and preventative maintenance, making them a one-stop shop for your ultrasound system needs. They participate regularly in research with the intent to ensure that ultrasound systems are continually improving so patients around the globe can benefit from their advanced diagnostic capabilities and quality.

Peeler, Wilson, and Munyon are excited to announce that Ultra Select Medical and Platinum Healthcare will soon be combining operations. They believe that bringing Platinum into the fold will take their company to new heights and help in their desire to be a clear choice for ultrasound systems and services for a global audience.

Platinum Healthcare is currently a leader in the ultrasound industry, being an authorized distributor for Siemens Medical. They are committed to delivering cutting-edge technology that is designed to improve physician and customer experiences in clinical care centers around the nation. Platinum provides warranty coverage and 24/7 hour support after installation to ensure you receive the highest quality systems and support.

“Combining with the Ultra Select team will enable us to continue to grow our installed base and provide exceptional support to our new and existing customers. We are excited about the combined entity and look forward to continuing our place as one of the premier providers of ultrasound systems to the private sector in the U.S.” – Howard Taroff (President, Platinum Healthcare)

“We believe that the merger will help us to provide the most comprehensive, convenient, cutting-edge, and innovative ultrasound system offerings in the industry. We are looking forward to moving on to the next chapter of our company’s growth endeavors with Platinum at our side.”  – W.C. Peeler

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