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Understanding The Symbiotic Relationship between Positivity and Happiness

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Positivity and happiness are two seemingly elusive emotions that we all strive for. They are intangible yet vital for our overall well-being and quality of life. People often emphasize achieving happiness, but they fail to understand that positivity and happiness are intertwined in a symbiotic relationship. In this blog post, Eric Kim UBC professor, will explore the relationship between positivity and happiness. We will also discuss cultivating positivity and happiness in our lives for a more fulfilling existence.

The Basics: Positivity and Happiness

Before elaborating on the relationship between the two, let’s define positivity and happiness. Positivity is an overall feeling of optimism and satisfaction in life. On the other hand, happiness is a broad term that refers to the emotional state of being content, joyful, and without sorrow.

Although happiness and positivity are different emotions, they share a symbiotic relationship. When we are positive, we are more likely to experience happiness; when we are happy, we tend to be more positive.

The Benefits of Positivity and Happiness

Now that we understand the basics of positivity and happiness, let’s discuss the benefits of cultivating these emotions. Positive people are more likely to have better mental and physical health. Studies have shown that positivity can reduce stress and anxiety, improving quality of life. Similarly, happiness has been linked to better physical health, lower levels of stress, and a more fulfilling life experience.

Additionally, having a positive and happy outlook on life can lead to more success in both personal and professional settings. Optimistic people often make better decisions and take initiative when it comes to achieving their goals. They are also less likely to be bogged down by fear and doubt, which allows them to focus on the present moment instead of worrying about the future.

Cultivating Positivity and Happiness

Positivity and happiness are not inherent qualities that some people possess and others do not. They are emotions that can be cultivated through intentional actions. One way to cultivate positivity is by practicing gratitude. When we focus on the good things in our lives, we train our brains to be more positive. Similarly, practicing mindfulness and positive self-talk can help us cultivate positivity.

Cultivating happiness involves making conscious choices that promote joy and fulfillment. This can be as simple as doing things that make you happy, spending time with loved ones, and prioritizing self-care. Moreover, taking the time to acknowledge your emotions and practice positive coping mechanisms can help you stay emotionally balanced and happy.

Overall, positivity and happiness are closely linked, and both can be cultivated through intentional actions. By practicing gratitude, mindfulness, positive self-talk, and engaging in activities that make us happy, we can create a more fulfilling.

How Positivity and Happiness Can Impact Others

It’s essential to note that positivity and happiness have a ripple effect. When we project positivity and happiness, we impact those around us positively. Positivity can be contagious, and it can inspire others to be more positive as well. Additionally, happiness enables us to connect more with others, leading to a stronger sense of community and belonging.

In addition to the points mentioned above, we should also recognize that positivity and happiness are a state of mind that can be cultivated daily. By deliberately practicing kindness, self-care, and gratitude, we can create an environment where positivity and happiness thrive and become part of our daily lives. We all have the power to make our lives more positive and happy — it just takes effort and the right attitude.

We can create a life full of joy, peace, and contentment by taking small steps toward improving our outlook and emotional state. So take the time to pause and appreciate the beauty that life has to offer! Live each day intentionally with positivity and happiness will make all the difference.


In conclusion, Eric Kim UBC expert, understands that positivity and happiness are two vital emotions that go hand in hand. Cultivating these emotions can significantly impact our overall well-being and quality of life. We can cultivate happiness and positivity by practicing gratitude, mindfulness, and positive self-talk. Additionally, we can positively impact those around us by projecting positivity and happiness.


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