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Saturday, April 1, 2023

United Imaging Installs Broward County’s First uMI 550 at Holy Cross Health in Fort Lauderdale

Holy Cross procured the uMI 550 to "go digital" and continue to innovate for its community

United Imaging, a global manufacturer of medical imaging equipment, announced the installation of Broward County’s first uMI 550 at Holy Cross Health, a member of Trinity Health, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

United Imaging innovates and produces equipment in four medical imaging modalities for the U.S. market. Its PET/CT portfolio, as is the case for the other three modalities, embeds its most advanced technology across the board, which helps the 11-year-old company fulfill its mission of Equal Healthcare for All™.

“That mission is a draw for us because it goes hand in hand with our Core Value of ‘Reverence for Each Person,’ said Mark Doyle, President and CEO of Holy Cross Health. “We feel strongly, as United Imaging does, that every individual should have access to an equal standard of care. In addition, we have an active commitment to investing in new technologies to improve diagnosis and treatment, so our purchase of the uMI 550 is emblematic of that.”

In particular, Holy Cross wanted to obtain modern digital equipment that improves exam speeds, so that patient exams can be shorter. The high system sensitivity of the uMI 550 also enables lower radiation dose. In addition, a 2.9 mm ultra-high NEMA PET resolution improves image quality and small lesion detection, making more accurate diagnoses possible.

“These are sophisticated machines that we offer in both a fixed and a mobile configuration,” commented Jeffrey M. Bundy, Ph.D, CEO of United Imaging Healthcare Solutions, “which means that we are truly bringing equal healthcare across the country. Holy Cross is a great example of a provider that has a clear mission of its own to continuously advance the care it provides to people in its community, and our goal is to help them to do just that.”

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