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Use of Jafron in A Patient Suffering from Severe Deltamethrin Poisoning

Deltamethrin is proved to be highly effective in killing bugs; therefore, it is added to many insecticide products. However, it is poisonous to humans, too. Here listed a case of a person who was almost killed by the chemical material but ended up escaping from the dead with the help of Jafron’s HA230 hemoperfusion products.

Then if you are interested in the severe case and the role of Jafron in this case, keep reading.

Case Review

Pham Ngoc Ch, 70 years old, from Vietnam, was sent to the hospital due to being severely poisoned by deltamethrin. One hour before sending to the hospital, Pham drank a bottle of insecticide after an argument with his family. Not before long, he fell into a deep coma, went into a convulsion, and went through respiratory failure. On top of them, his pulse was racing, and his blood pressure was rising.

He was found severely poisoned by deltamethrin. Then the doctor took urgent steps, including hemoperfusion, to bring back his life. After two days of hemoperfusion treatment with the help of Jafron’s HA 230, Pham was restored to a stable condition, and all the body indicators became stable.

Doctor Ha The Linh, working in the emergency department ofTỉnh Phú Thọ Hospital, said deltamethrin poisoning is too rare to have the targeted antitoxin so far. In this way, the major solution is using the treatment for severe and critical patients, including hemoperfusion. Jafron’s HA230 plays a vital role in treatments for severe poisoning and has no side-effect for the patients, meaning that the patients can live back to normal.

The doctor urged people to be careful when using insecticides, especially the highly concentrated ones. Besides, he also appreciated Jafron for providing hemoperfusion products such as HA230 hemoperfusion cartridges, which have saved lives suffered from poisoning in Vietnam.

How Does HA230 Help

Poisoning is one of the most severe emergency cases. Clinically, pumping the stomach, eliciting vomiting and excretion, and giving the antidote are common rescue methods. But for the more severe ones, like patients in a coma, those methods are implausible, and this is where the hemoperfusion will come into play.

Hemoperfusion involves the extracorporeal circulation of blood through a hemoperfusion cartridge containing an adsorbent material such as activated charcoal or a resin. Hemoperfusion removes substances that bind to the adsorbent material. It is effective at removing uncharged molecules through competitive binding [1]

Deltamethrin Poisoning

HA230 is a disposable hemoperfusion cartridge that can offer blood cleaning treatment. It is for the patients suffering from acute organophosphorus pesticides, rodenticide and herbicide poisoning, acute industrial poisoning, and biological poison. [2]


Its adsorbent is double cross-linked styrene-divinylbenzene copolymers, whose adsorption abilities, dispersivity, and specific surface are improved and strengthened. Besides, compared to the activated carbon, HA230 has higher compatibility between blood and the adsorbent than the activated carbon, generating less influence on blood and lower degranulation, bringing no influence to the concentrations of various electrolytes in the blood.[3] And for the container, HA230 applies resin material with advanced coating technology, avoiding contaminating the adsorbent and achieving stable capability. [4]

Claudio Ronco, chairman of the ERA-EDTA, delivered his paper Fluid Dynamics Analysis by CT Imaging Technique of New Sorbent Cartridges for Extracorporeal Therapies in the Journal of Blood Purification. They claim that the design of HA230 can optimize the therapeutic effects of the adsorbent and illustrate the products of Jafron in terms of safety, clinical effects, and compatibility with other treatments.[5]


For many healthcare professionals, poisoning denotes exposure to a substance that is a danger to health or life. From drugs and household products like pesticides to industrial chemicals or plant or animal derivatives, people may be knocked into somewhere unknown and trapped in a state of danger. Even worse, some poisonings do not have the antidote.[6]

In those serious cases, removing exogenous and endogenous toxins can be the most effective way, and it is when adsorption can play its role. For years, cases involving acute poisoning have proved its great efficacy. And to pursue the commitment to advancing its hemoperfusion products, Jafron has been improving its technologies and does accomplish something that is well acknowledged.


For more information about Jafron and its reliable hemoperfusion technologies, you can visit Jafron‘s website:



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