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UVDI Joins APIC to Counter Misinformation and Uplift Science During International Infection Prevention Week

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To raise awareness about the importance of infection prevention and the essential role infection preventionists (IPs) play in public health, UVDI, the leading manufacturer of advanced Ultraviolet technology for Hospital Room Disinfection and Indoor Air Quality, is joining the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) as a Corporate Sponsor for International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW), October 17–23.

UVDI has introduced several new educational resources for safe, effective UV room disinfection to emphasize the science behind infection prevention, the misinformation that continues to circulate, and how to inspire the next generation of IPs to join the fight. Educational Resources include a series of new Continuing Education webinars including Fact Versus Fiction: Clarifying Myths Regarding UV Room Disinfection, and three whitepapers sharing UV Basics and Beyond. All are accessible on UVDI’s online Learning Hub at www.uvdi.com.

As IPs continue to protect communities from surges in COVID-19 cases and healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), it has never been clearer just how crucial infection prevention and control is to everyone’s health and safety. In recognition of the role that everyone should play in infection prevention, the 2021 IIPW theme is “Make Your Intention Infection Prevention.” APIC has developed downloadable infographics, fact sheets, and social media materials to help educate all audiences on infection prevention and control—the science behind it and its legitimacy as a trusted profession in the healthcare space.

“We honor the dedication and selflessness of Infection Prevention professionals – this week and every week,” said Peter Veloz, CEO, UVDI. “Working with APIC to provide fact-based evidence and resources for safe, effective UV disinfection is a core part of our ongoing commitment to better patient outcomes.”

“We are happy to have UVDI join our other Corporate Sponsors for this year’s International Infection Prevention Week,” said APIC President Ann Marie Pettis, RN, BSN, CIC, FAPIC. “With their help, we are able to reach consumers and other healthcare personnel about how they can make their intention infection prevention.”

UVDI plans to join APIC and other healthcare organizations on Tuesday, October 19 at 12 PM ET for a Twitter chat using #IIPWChat to discuss the impacts of COVID-19, how to counter misinformation with facts, and what it looks like to be an IP. Learn more at www.InfectionPreventionandYou.org/iipw.

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