ViewRay Selects Denver for Headquarters


ViewRay, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRAY), a medical device company that designs, manufactures, and markets the MRIdian® radiation therapy system, announced today that it is moving its headquarters to Denver, Colorado as it continues to attract top-tier talent from the state’s growing medical technology sector. Event details to follow:


ViewRay Headquarters Opening


Mon., Aug. 15, 2022


1 p.m.


The Granite Tower, 1099 18th Street, 3rd Floor, Denver, CO 80202

Remarks by:

Jared Polis, Governor, State of Colorado
Michael Hancock, Mayor, City of Denver
Scott Drake, President & CEO, ViewRay

In mid-2019, ViewRay established an office in Denver starting with fewer than ten teammates. ViewRay’s presence in Denver has now grown to over 50 teammates with the expansion of the company’s international marketing, finance, and legal teams. ViewRay is one of the fastest growing companies in the med-tech sector with plans for considerable growth in Denver.

ViewRay expects to continue expanding its Denver team with additional high-paying roles in product development, manufacturing, and quality and, in 2023, the company plans to add another building focused on development, manufacturing, and physician training.

Colorado is home to a robust bioscience industry making the Mile High City an ideal location to do business and introduce clinicians to life saving radiation therapy. According to Colorado Bioscience Association:

Colorado is home to 720 life sciences companies and organizations.
More than 32,000 people are directly employed by the bioscience industry, averaging a $96,000 annual salary.
Metro Denver has the 8th largest medical device sector across the U.S.

Over the past 20 years, ViewRay’s CEO, Scott Drake, and the ViewRay executive team, have created over 3,000 med tech jobs in Colorado.

“We are proud to welcome ViewRay headquarters to Colorado, an exciting move that brings good-paying jobs to Coloradans,” said Gov. Polis. “As we continue to save people money and support small businesses, Colorado remains the best place to live, work, and do business.”

“ViewRay relocating to Denver will create more opportunity for our tech-sector talent base and continue to elevate our community as a center for healthcare innovation. Guided by the values of a healthy community and healthy community-engagement, we couldn’t be prouder that they’ve chosen our great city to realize their ambitious mission to improve cancer treatment technology and ultimately, save thousands of lives,” Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock said.

“ViewRay is excited that Colorado will be the international headquarters for this innovative cancer therapy. The state is a magnet for talented professionals and academics in our field and is fast becoming a center of the international bioscience industry,” said Scott Drake President and CEO of ViewRay. “We look forward to growing as a company, but more importantly, we are committed to conquering cancer by re-envisioning radiation therapy because lives depend on it. Patients deserve short-course non-invasive therapy with fewer side effects and better quality of life, whether they face complex or more common forms of cancer. ViewRay is committed to delivering that to every patient who requires treatment.”