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Vivera Pharmaceuticals Announces a New Diagnostic Test Solution For COVID-19

September 9, 2020

Vivera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has announced the launch of an exclusive partnership with OmeCare, a leading CLIA-certified global clinical laboratory provider. With results in less than 48 hours, the Vivera Pharmaceuticals + OmeCare rapid RT-PCR specimen collection kits for COVID-19 are an ideal solution for medical professionals and their patients.

Vivera Pharmaceuticals highlights access to reliable testing allows for better patient management and more informed public health decisions. By utilizing OmeCare’s dedicated CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited facility, Vivera and OmeCare are helping to eliminate excessive wait times.

“Our partnership with OmeCare and their team is not only exciting but extremely important,” stated Olivia Karpinski, Vivera Pharmaceuticals’ Vice President of Sales. “We have worked closely with our customers, including long-term care facilities and hospital networks to provide efficient solutions for their increased testing needs.  We are honored to add a high performing, molecular diagnostic to our existing testing solutions.”

OmeCare Chief of Innovation, Dr Michael Nova, MD, PhD, goes on to add, “rRT-PCR is the gold standard for detecting COVID-19, and OmeCare employs the most advanced and cost-effective microfluidic technologies that increase sensitivity, decrease turnaround times, and will also simultaneously assay for additional respiratory viruses. We are delighted to be working in partnership with Vivera as our exclusive distributor.”

The Vivera Pharmaceuticals + OmeCare rRT-PCR specimen collection kits are available for use by medical providers. The quick, painless swab utilizes specimens collected from either the nose or mouth. Once collected, the sample is sent overnight to the OmeCare laboratory for processing.

“By pairing rapid RT-PCR diagnostic testing with blood-based antibody testing, providers obtain a comprehensive view of the patient’s status,” said Dr. Stephen McColgan, Vivera Pharmaceuticals’ Chief Medical Officer. “A protocol incorporating both types of testing is incredibly important for patient management while we are getting America back to work and back to school.”

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