What Are the Disadvantages of Nootropics?

For a number of years, influencers and online personalities have been advocating for the use of nootropics.  These drugs are supposedly able to improve cognitive performance and function. With more and more people experiencing mental fog due to the overuse of mobile devices, it’s not hard to see why these products are in such high demand (and are being advocated for so widely).

If you are somebody interested in improving their mental clarity and performance, you may be considering taking these drugs.  This post will explore them in more detail, but instead of focusing on their advantages, tells you what’s not good about them:

Libido Increase

Increased libido isn’t necessarily something people associate with being a negative side effect. However, when you’re tense all of the time, sexually speaking, it can make daily life very uncomfortable.  Some people report that after incorporating nootropics into their diets, their libidos increase dramatically. Make sure that you bear this in mind if you are planning on using them. You may want to notify your partner, especially if you do not have sex a lot as it is, as it’s likely after taking nootropics you’ll want to be much more intimate.

Product Selection

One of the main disadvantages of nootropics doesn’t relate to their synthesis, but instead how many of these products exist.  If you’re new to nootropics, then you’ll probably have a very hard time figuring out which ones are right for you. The team behind https://keefememorial.com/category/brain-wellness/ makes this clear on their website, as they have an almost endless number of reviews, comparing different products against each other. If you are planning on exploring nootropics and want to begin using them, make sure that you conduct extensive research and find the best product for you. You can do that by reading reviews like the ones mentioned above. A product’s reviews can tell you a lot about it and help you to decide if it is right for you.  Buying products without reading their reviews can lead to you making bad purchase decisions.

Sleep Issues

Sleep is something that’s absent from a lot of people’s lives today. Unfortunately, this is mainly due to mobile phone overuse. People are literally addicted to their mobile devices. Using electronic devices before bed can lead to overstimulation. Overstimulation can negatively impact your sleep. If you have been suffering from sleep problems, then nootropics might not be helpful. Some people report that after using nootropics, their sleep is negatively affected. Of course, this is not true for everybody. The only way to determine whether or not you are going to have issues is to buy and sample these products yourself.

Fast Heart Rate

Tachycardia is a big problem for people who are taking nootropics. It does need to be noted, however, that not everybody who’s using this type of product will experience tachycardia, or an accelerated heart rate. If you do end up experiencing tachycardia after using nootropics then it’s advised to discontinue further use. Bear in mind that, as noted above, there are many different types of nootropics. Because of this, there are lots of alternatives you can turn to if you experience negative side effects with one. It is always a good idea to read a product review so that you can get a true impression of what side effects are like.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a problem that a lot of people have today.  Again, this is due to people’s diets. If your diet is high in unhealthy foods, salts, and fats then there’s a good chance you are suffering from the condition.  Individuals who are prone to high blood pressure should exercise caution when they are planning on taking up nootropics. Consult your doctor before using nootropics if you are suffering from high blood pressure. Starting to use them when you do have high blood pressure without speaking to your doctor first isn’t a good idea.


Addiction is something that’s highly prevalent in society today. More people are suffering from it than ever before. Whether it’s addiction to drugs, alcohol, or even junk food, it’s something that a lot of people deal with. If you begin using nootropics, and they start working for you, you could end up becoming addicted to them. This is because they’ll help you to move forward from whatever issues you are experiencing. If you do find yourself becoming addicted to nootropics then you may want to consider getting in touch with a doctor and asking them for their advice.

Nootropics are drugs used to improve cognitive performance. If you are interested in using them, you need to make sure that you find ones that are right for you. You can do that by conducting extensive research and reading reviews. Also, learn about the side effects of specific drugs so you learn about what to expect from using them.

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