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What You Need to Know About Aging and Dental Health

Whether we like it or not, age changes everything in our bodies and looks. Our hair color changes, our body weakens, and even our memory doesn’t function as it used to. The same goes for our teeth and many people’s teeth weaken, change color, or fall as a result of age. That being said, you can’t prevent yourself from aging but you can certainly protect yourself from all of the things that can happen to you because of it. It is a known fact that people should see a dentist twice a year, no matter how old they are. Now that you have a loved one who has reached a critical age, you have to make sure that they don’t ignore or forget about these visits. Keep reading to learn about aging and dental health.

Dark Teeth

Teeth tend to get darker as we age. This is because the drinks and foods that we consume all through the years change teeth enamel tissue. In addition to that, the tooth’s outer enamel layer gets thinner with age which allows for the yellow color to be visible. That being said, if you notice that your loved one’s teeth are darker than normal then you should take them to the dentist immediately as this could indicate an underlying health issue and that something is wrong and requires medical attention.

Bleeding or Sore Gums

There is a reason why many young people watch what they eat and avoid smoking. This is because a poor diet, smoking, anemia, diabetes, plaque, and bad brushing habits can cause gum diseases. If you notice that your elderly loved one’s gums are sore or bleeding, a dental check-up must be done immediately because according to the home visiting dentist at, inflamed gums can be extremely painful and cause discomfort. Additionally, if your elderly loved one is staying in a nursing home then you should make sure that it provides dental care so they can get constant checkups to avoid any serious consequences since gum diseases can cause teeth loss and serious health problems.


Pneumonia is caused by a bacterial infection that can result in inflammation of the tissues in one or two of the lungs. Your oral health can have a huge impact on the rest of your body and since the mouth droplets contain bacteria that we inhale and go straight to our lungs, bacterial infection can occur especially in older people. The best way to protect senior citizens from Pneumonia is to make sure that they maintain regular oral hygiene by brushing their teeth, flossing, and seeing a dentist twice a year. If your loved one is unable to brush their teeth then you should make sure that their nursing home or caregiver helps them out.

Know About Aging and Dental Health scaled

Dental care is essential no matter how old you are, but for senior citizens, it can be a matter of life and death. Since their bodies, immune systems, and teeth aren’t what they used to be, any infection in their teeth or gums can lead to serious consequences. This is why you should make sure that their nursing home provides dental care and a caring and attentive staff that can help them look after their teeth. Even if they live with you or have a caregiver, make sure that their dental care is a priority.

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