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Monday, July 4, 2022



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Xcelerate Acquires Controlling Interest in AfiyaSasa Africa

Xcelerate, Inc. (OTC pink sheets: “XCRT”) today announced it has signed a Membership Interest Purchase Agreement to acquire a 51% interest in AfiyaSasa Africa, LLC, (“ASA”) a start-up medical technology and virtual health company that the Company believes is uniquely positioned to help patients in developing countries meet their medical needs by extending the reach of physicians through the technology.

This technology is centered on software that uses and incorporates artificial intelligence (“AI”) and Augmented Reality (“AR”) developed by AdviNOW. The application is designed to connect people in remote areas where there is limited medical infrastructure and/or limited medical professionals. ASA was recently founded by Dr. Dilan Ellegala and Doyle Word.

“This project, among others, has been at the forefront of our planning ever since Dilan Ellegala joined our Advisory Board in 2021. ASA is uniquely positioned to help the people of Africa meet their medical needs by extending the reach of physicians to their patient’s mobile devices through a patented breakthrough technology.” said Michael O’Shea, Xcelerate’s CEO.

The ASA system is accessed by patients on their cell phones, tablets, or computers, and allows licensed physicians and other medical personnel to conduct initial check-in, triage, and determine the most appropriate care path, virtually. The system is equipped with facial recognition and storage capability to ascertain if the patient is a return patient. Additionally, through a set of questions and answers that are dynamically integrated with the systems proprietary AI component, measurements are taken with medical devices connected to a cell phone, tablet, or computer (e.g. stethoscope, thermometer, pulse oximeter etc.), bringing the telemedicine virtual appointment to the next level.  The AI assists with Q&A and with the AR to arrive at diagnostic possibilities, testing and treatment options and next steps for the patient.

Dr. Ellegala, Co-Founder of ASA, has spent much of his professional life laying the foundation for transformational medical advances in Africa. His training of healthcare workers in remote Tanzania to perform brain and spine surgery and his pioneering work in global medical education is documented in Pulitzer-nominated journalist Tony Barthelme’s book, “A Surgeon in the Village: An American Doctor Teaches Brain Surgery in Africa.” NBC’s Tom Brokaw described the work as “A lyrical, inspirational, altogether rewarding account of first-and third-world surgeons working together to perform neurosurgery miracles in the heart of Africa. “ASA is now poised to take Dr. Ellegala’s foundational work to the highest level by dramatically improving the health care delivery system for hundreds of millions of Africans and we’re excited to be a partner in the project. Xcelerate remains focused on joining early-stage medical technology companies and acquiring and applying patented technology to clinical care world-wide,” said O’Shea.

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