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Tuesday, October 26, 2021


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The ASC CerviKit by Xenco Medical Expands Nationwide with Disposable Spinal Systems for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Xenco Medical has announced the nationwide expansion of the ASC CerviKit, the compact delivery and storage platform for the company’s breakthrough, entirely disposable Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) systems engineered from a highly durable composite polymer. The ASC CerviKit includes all of Xenco Medical’s single-use cervical implant families and is designed to be both lightweight and easily transportable. Designed to address the space constraints of ambulatory surgery centers, the systems in the ASC CerviKit offer a streamlined approach to the ACDF procedure as breakthrough single-use, composite polymer cervical implant systems. Comprising Xenco Medical’s pre-loaded Cervical interbodies and pre-loaded cervical plates as well as the supporting, single-use instruments, the ASC CerviKit is indicative of a larger movement in healthcare towards streamlined, efficient care.

With the single-use, composite polymer instrument and implants locked together in the sterile package, the Xenco Medical systems are designed to both increase efficiency in the OR as well as eliminate the internal logistics associated with the autoclave process. Existing at the intersection of materials science and biomechanical engineering, Xenco Medical’s single-use spinal systems are the first polymer-based devices of their kind. In addition to Xenco Medical’s cervical interbodies, The ASC CerviKit stores Xenco Medical’s newly launched Merge Cervical Plate system, a single-use platform using the company’s Snap-Align technology. The Merge Cervical Plate allows the surgeon to choose whether to attach the plate to the interbody prior to implantation or to connect in situ.

“Eliminating the costs, labor, and time associated with the autoclave process, the single-use systems in the ASC CerviKit have had extraordinary success in reducing logistical inefficiencies at outpatient surgery centers,” said Xenco Medical Founder and CEO Jason Haider.

Unlike the traditional metal instruments that are reused in hundreds of patients until a mechanical failure, Xenco Medical’s single-use systems are perfectly calibrated and sterile-packaged for patient-specific use. Made from a highly reinforced composite polymer, Xenco Medical’s patient-specific spinal systems have previously made news for outperforming aluminum metal in maintaining structural integrity.

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