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First Worldwide Cases Performed with XO Cross Microcatheter Platform

XO Cross Microcatheter platform first worldwide case was performed by Dr. James McGuckin of the Lehigh Valley Vascular Institute. Transit Scientific announced the news today.

“The 1:1 torque of the XO Cross provided new levels of control and responsiveness during the procedure,” said James McGuckin, MD.  “The ultra-large lumen and shapeable distal tip allowed for better imaging at the target site as well as directional control for accessing branch anatomy with the wire.”

The FDA-cleared XO Cross Microcatheter delivers new levels of pushability, trackability, flexibility, and torque response to access challenging lesions and complex anatomy. The non-tapered, metal-alloy and polymer construction delivers high fatigue-resistance against tough calcium and plaque found in late-stage peripheral artery disease (PAD) and critical limb ischemia (CLI).

“The XO Cross took a beating during the case and held its own. It has excellent fatigue resistance, which is needed in PAD and CLI cases,” said Dr. McGuckin.

“Our team is thrilled to launch the first non-tapered peripheral Microcath, which paves the way for the rest of the XO Cross platform,” said Greg Method, President & CEO of Transit Scientific. “These early CLI cases provided a great opportunity to demonstrate the importance and potential impact of the XO Cross technology.”

Transit Scientific is currently commercializing a 2Fr XO Cross 14 Microcath, 2.6Fr XO Cross 18 Microcath, and the 3.9Fr XO Cross 35 Support Catheter for use with standard 0.014″, 0.018″, and 0.035″ guidewires in 90cm, 135cm, 150cm, and 175cm working lengths.

“The non-tapered design allowed for a triaxial approach while tackling a severely calcified chronic total occlusion (CTO) during one of the cases,” continued Method. “Dr. McGuckin was able to successfully cross the CTO using the increased pushability and flexibility provided by the non-tapered design of the XO Cross catheter platform.”

Transit Scientific is a private company that designs, develops, and commercializes medical devices including the FDA-cleared XO Cross® microcatheters and XO Score® scoring sheath.

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