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Friday, March 31, 2023

Virti XR Tech Providing Socially-Distanced Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturers

New technologies are enabling the medical device industry to embrace cutting-edge extended reality (XR) and immersive training to drive growth whilst complying with virus-control precautions.

Virti, a pioneering XR and immersive technology training company led by healthcare professionals, are bringing tools to transform device-specific training and sales demonstrations to the UK market. They have already embarked on partnerships with a number of leading UK manufacturers.

Virti’s digital platform hosts immersive video content accessible via smartphones, tablets or AR/VR headsets. The company also enables existing libraries of 2D content to be made interactive while tracking engagement and analyzing performance using artificial intelligence. Device manufacturers can create and upload their own content – complete with animations and voice instructions – for clients and potential customers to interact with remotely and then analyze how their content and products are being used.

This means that new technologies – from ventilators to surgical tools – can be virtually tested by prospective buyers and that medical professionals can participate in customized training activities that prepare them to use a particular device or medication safely.

Barriers of scale and distance can be eliminated through the application of Virti’s data-driven platform, as no travel or in-person instruction is required. Additionally, trials have proven that XR-taught professionals gain and retain competence at an accelerated rate, whilst also experiencing elevated confidence levels and decreased anxiety.

The training technology has already been successfully used to prepare NHS staff to serve on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis response, and plans are underway to incorporate remote XR technology into other health sector education settings. These include the upskilling of mental health specialists in London and training of registrar anesthetists in the west of England.

Dr. Alex Young, Virti Founder, comments: “The medical device industry is undergoing a rapid transition in order to thrive in a changed marketplace. At Virti, we are honored to be playing a key role in this industry adaptation empowering sales and marketing teams and collecting unique data on how products are utilized”

“With 2-metre distancing now mandatory and long-distance travel extremely difficult, our technology makes it easy to deliver extremely effective sales demonstrations and impactful training while collecting analytics both pre- and -post product launch. Prospective customers can now ‘use’ new devices before purchase, and new purchasers can immediately be offered necessary training,”

“We are continuing to develop additional features and capabilities which will add value to our partnerships, and we believe that, when it comes to sales and training, we can help manufacturers to emerge from the current crisis better equipped to overcome barriers of distance and scale.”

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