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Friday, March 24, 2023

American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Applications Now Open for Membership

American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery (ABFCS) is now accepting applications for new membership. As a medical board focused on certifying facial cosmetic surgeons solely in aesthetic procedures for the head, face, and neck, the ABFCS invites candidates who uphold the highest standards of patient safety and practice facial cosmetic surgery with masterful skill.

The ABFCS provides necessary accreditation
The ABFCS distinguishes facial cosmetic surgeons from under-qualified aesthetic providers by providing necessary credentialing, helping patients find highly skilled, thoroughly trained cosmetic surgeons specializing in face and neck procedures.

ABFCS accreditation is especially important considering the government does not regulate what medical procedures a doctor or surgeon can perform, and any doctor can legally market themselves as a facial cosmetic surgeon in the U.S.

Additionally, ABFCS membership provides facial cosmetic surgeons entry into a diverse and exclusive group of medical specialists who share knowledge, resources, and support, and inspire each other to achieve exceptional results.

ABFCS surgeons regularly discuss innovations in surgical techniques and technologies and share their personal experiences, helping advance not only their own practices but the field of facial cosmetic surgery as a whole.

The ABFCS offers medical practitioners multiple routes to certification
Whether you are a career-track facial cosmetic surgeon or a surgeon interested in transitioning into a more rewarding medical field, the ABFCS provides two routes to certification: an experience route and a fellowship route.

Fellowship route. Certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), our post-residency facial cosmetic surgery fellowship program is the most comprehensive fellowship available in facial aesthetics. ABFCS diplomates who choose the fellowship route are required to complete one to two years of supervised hands-on cosmetic surgery training and education and pass the ABFCS’ annual qualifying exam.

Experience route. As an alternative to fellowship training, we offer surgeons who are already fully versed in facial cosmetic surgery an experience-based route to board certification.

Candidates for the experience route include oculoplastic surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and other approved facial surgical specialties. Surgeons wishing to take this route will need to provide extensive, verifiable documentation of their cosmetic surgery cases.

The ABFCS welcomes applicants from a variety of medical fields, including oculoplastic surgery, otolaryngology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, plastic surgery, general surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, and more.

ABFCS surgeons also specialize in non-surgical procedures
In addition to mastering a full range of surgical procedures, ABFCS surgeons are also trained in a variety of non- and minimally-invasive facial procedures, including injectable neurotoxins, dermal fillers, non-surgical body contouring, cosmetic laser treatments, and more.

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