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BEAR Implant Granted FDA De Novo Approval for Treatment of ACL Tears

The BEAR Implant is the first medical technology to clinically demonstrate that it enables healing, or restoration, of the patient’s torn ACL. This new approach is a paradigm shift from the current standard of care – reconstruction that replaces the ACL with a graft and is the first new treatment for ACL tears in more than 30 years.

Study Shows BEAR Implant Restores Torn ACL Quality and Size Similar to Native ACLs

“The results highlight the ability of the BEAR implant to restore the signal intensity and anatomy of the torn ACL to those of the native ACL,” said Martha Murray, M.D., professor of orthopaedic surgery at Harvard Medical School, an orthopaedic surgeon in the Sports Medicine Division at Boston Children’s Hospital and founder of Miach Orthopaedics.